Dedicated to the preservation, maintenance & awareness of endangered or little-known African American historical sites.

Our Mission

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation has been engaged in activities that include the preservation, maintenance, and awareness of endangered or little-known African American historical sites primarily in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast Regions...


The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation is a not for profit 501(c) (3) organization. We welcome you to become involved in our projects.


There are many ways to donate to the organization. Your generosity preserves our endangered or little-known historic sites that are an integral part of our American Heritage.

Current Projects

Self-guided map and app unites stories of African American heroes, historic places and events

The "Road to Freedom" program, created through a partnership between the American Battlefield Trust and Civil War Trails, Inc., offers free physical and digital manifestations — a map guide available in visitor centers and distribution sites across the state and a web app with downloadable versions for Android and iOS devices.

The trail highlights 88 spots across Virginia, a key Civil War battleground state and an important passageway in the Underground Railroad. Sites stretch from Alexandria, just outside Washington, D.C., to Abingdon, near the Tennessee border, and tell stories of soldiers, slaves, educators, politicians and others, marking the places where they staged rebellions, fought for freedom, educated their children, were born and were buried. 

An ongoing research partnership with the African American Heritage Preservation Foundation will result in adding further context to existing entries by allowing Black voices to delve into the artistic, architectural and cultural significance of included sites. The addition of new sites and curated "collections" will further enhance the experience. 

"Since 1994, the African American Heritage Preservation Foundation has worked toward the preservation, maintenance, and awareness of endangered or little-known historical sites, especially in the mid-Atlantic," said president and founder E. RenĂ©e Ingram. "We are excited to join this dynamic project and look forward to showcasing the history and legacy of important places across Virginia." 

African American Sites Mobile App

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation has created a free mobile app "African American Sites," that is available through The App Store and Google Play. The African American Sites app features more than 1,700 African American Sites located throughout the United States that include Heritage Trails, Military Sites, Museums, National Historic Landmarks, Endangered Historic Places and other historic places that focus on the rich contributions of African Americans to our nation's history. We were able to cull information from various websites and search engines to consolidate these wonderful African American Historic Sites into one application.


This African American Sites app includes a summary of each site and a link, where applicable, to find out more information and direct links for some that have virtual tours in lieu of visitation and some with educational lessons. There is a useful plugin, Geo-Fence, which will notify you when you are near a particular site.

Now available on the web - African American Sites


Case Study: African American Heritage Preservation Foundation, Inc. - Preservation Through Education



Ground Penetration Radar for Historic Cemetery – Geologist Survey Services

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation undertook a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) imaging survey to develop a picture profile and determine the location of unmarked graves in the Historic Stanton Family Cemetery, Buckingham County, Virginia. This imaging is an excellent tool for cemeteries with non-existent or destroyed burial records. A GPR Survey can produce a composite site map of an area that would indicate grave locations as well as position and depth. The community was invited to observe this process.

On March 14, 2020, GeoModel provided the GPR survey for the Historic Stanton Family Cemetery. Initially, this cemetery was known to have at least thirty-six grave sites. Through this technology, a total of 49 grave sites were found.

Pro bono land surveying services were provided by Maxey & Associates, P.C. to map the 49 graves based on the GPR imaging.

This project was sponsored by Premier Consultants International, Inc.

A Case Study of the GPR process.

Preservation Partners

The African American Heritage Preservation Foundation has partnered with several public and private sector entities throughout the past twenty-six years. Our Preservation Partners have not only provided cooperative agreements and preservation grants, but also human capital - architects, educational staff, historians, preservationists, local leaders, college students and volunteers.