Historic Cemeteries

The Stanton Family Cemetery – Virginia

The Stanton Family Cemetery, located in Buckingham County, Virginia about seven miles south of the James River, is an exceptionally well-preserved African American rural cemetery. This family cemetery is notable for it's approximately thirty-six graves, most marked with slate headstones and foot-stones. These irregularly shaped slabs of local Buckingham slate mark the graves of at least four generations of the Stanton Family. It retains a high degree of integrity and exemplifies the types of family cemeteries that predated the establishment of church-associated and public burial grounds in many rural Virginia communities.

Stanton Family Cemetery Nomination

Nancy Stanton's Certification of Death

Stanton Family Cemetery Dedication Ceremony Program

Stanton Family Cemetery Marker Text

Stanton Family Cemetery Appendix

Stanton Family Cemetery Award from Preservation Alliance of Virginia


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